Arboretum Improvements

Craig Raines from Recreation and Parks presented the new plan for improvements in the Arboretum from Scott to Morton. For ADA accessibility, the decomposed granite pathway on the west side of Stadium Way will be extended to Scott, and a handicap curb cut will be installed on the northwest corner of Stadium Way (Morton) and Academy, along with a handicap parking space.

A new decorative concrete pathway will extend from the play structure to the restroom and Stadium Way on the west side of Stadium Way.

Midway along the path, a small excavation will be cut into the hill, held up by a small decorative wall, in order to intercept some of the runoff from the hill. It will be planted with Mexican Sycamores and Arbutus ‘Marina.’ Raines stated that Recreation and Parks was looking for more attractive picnic benches, rather than the current concrete ones.

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